BT Broadband

BT BroadbandBT (Group plc.) is a multinational concern, providing telecommunication operations in approximately 170 countries. Around 18 million retail customers have now made BT their preferred choice for broadband, telephone and subscription television services.

With roots dating back to 1846, BT understands what you need today and broadband is no exception – their award-winning status as holders of ‘USwitch Best Customer Rated Fibre Broadband’ is testament to BT’s dedicated approach. 

Contacting BT online or by phone

Please don’t hesitate to visit (there you’ll find email details and a ‘live chat’ facility available from 8am until 7.45pm, 7-days a week). Alternatively if you’d prefer to discuss your query via telephone please call the contact number provided – lines are conveniently open from 7am until 11pm 7-days a week.

Due to the technological nature and service opportunities associated with BT’s broadband, there are numerous questions which often arise – for your reference we have highlighted a variety of common issues.

Installing BT broadband

Installing BT broadband is achievable in three basic steps, as follows:

  1. Select a suitable broadband package from BT’s variety of options including, Broadband Extra, Unlimited Broadband, Unlimited Broadband Extra, BT Infinity Extra (Superfast Broadband) or Unlimited Broadband Infinity (Superfast Broadband) Options 1 or 2 – please note that in-depth package details can be found online or by contacting an advisor.
  2. If you require a MAC code, BT will inform you at what stage it is needed.
  3. Switching to BT usually takes 2-weeks, however you can select a later date if desired.

BT BroadbandAre you aware that BT broadband packages provide all the kit needed to set-up your system? This includes your BT home hub router, BT Wi-Fi (unlimited & free), BT Cloud online storage (free) and connection (without charge) – to discuss which package would best suit your needs simply call the BT broadband team.

If you are new to BT Broadband there are a few aspects to consider:

  • Increasing your broadband speed is easily achievable by connecting your computer or device with an Ethernet cable – this will ascertain whether any sluggish results are due to Wi-Fi performance or actual internet speed. It is essential to check that all cables are properly plugged into your hub and associated devices – if inadequate speed is not due to a technical issue, why not enquire about upgrading your package?
  • If you can’t remember your BT ID you can quickly reset it online using your BT email address, however of you are also unsure of your email details please contact BT’s customer service team – lines are open 24-hours a day, 365-weeks a year.
  • Establishing a Wi-Fi connection must be carried out using specific instructions dependent on which device you are connecting to your BT hub  i.e. PC/Mac, tablet, smartphone, iPod, Kindle, games console, printer or other device. Please note that your computer may need an adapter if it is not wireless enabled. For a complete Wi-Fi troubleshooting guide please visit, alternatively BT’s technical team will gladly explain further.
  • No broadband connection? This can be easily remedied often without the need for an engineer – to ascertain possible problems simply:
  • Ensure the lights on your hub are switched on – if not, identify whether all devices are plugged in.
  • Switch off your hub, computer and devices, wait 5 minutes before turning them on again.
  • Are there any temporary network problems in your area?
  • Check that there isn’t a fault with your telephone line as this is vital to your broadband connection.
  • See if the problem lies with your Wi-Fi connection.

Upgrading your BT broadband package

BT Broadband Infinity is a popular upgrade choice amongst many customers

BT boast that their Ultrafast BT Infinity offers broadband speeds of up to 300Mb, which enables superior file sharing and the ability to multi-task online, for example, watching HD movies whilst enjoying ultra-fast gaming.

Not sure if your line supports such speeds?

This can be ascertained via by simply entering your phone number or house number and postcode.

Installing fibre optic BT Infinity requires a BT engineer to visit your street cabinet and often carry out work within your property – further details will be given when you order your system.

Please remember that you can manage your BT upgrades online using ‘My BT’ – your convenient way to obtain technical support, view current billing and find out about BT’s latest products.

If you haven’t signed up to ‘My Account’ or you would prefer to discuss your requirements with a knowledgeable advisor please call the contact number provided.

BT BroadbandComplaints about your BT broadband service, products or billing

Unfortunately there are times when complaints need to be made, as these are often of a personal nature many customers choose to air concerns via telephone – advisors are available to address any issues from 8am until 8pm on a Monday to Friday and from 9am until 6pm on a Saturday and Sunday.

Alternatively BT operate a ‘live chat’ facility from 8am until 8pm on a Monday to Friday, then from 9am until 6pm on a Saturday – advisors endeavour to respond within 30 seconds.

Complaints can be emailed via a short online enquiry form at and written complaints should be sent to, BT Correspondence Centre, Providence Row, Durham, DH98 1BT – replies to postal correspondence can take up to 14 days.