BT Departments

BT departmentsBT is a mainstay of telecommunications services in the United Kingdom, offering Internet, TV, Sports programming and telephone services as well as retailing technology and gadgets. Here is a list of all the relevant departments that they currently run, which can also be found out by calling the BT contact number.


BT offers reliable high speed broadband internet and a variety of devices to support wireless access. In case of issues with internet access or setting up wifi networks, they offer help online through their website, chat function and email address, as well as in person advice through their broadband contact number.

Television & Sports Programming

The television packages available through BT offer a basic and expanded entertainment package with customizable options. Subscribers to BT broadband have free access to BT Sport, but it needs to be ordered separately. Help for TV services and BT Sport is available online through chat, email and forum, and BT Television and BT Sport each have their own telephone number for live support as well.


BT offers phone services and comprehensive support for telephone products. Customers experiencing problems such as noise on the line or lack of service can use the BT website to test their phone line, seek help through articles and chat, or call a representative for advice. There are contact numbers for landlines, mobile phones and overseas calls, and automated services outside of regular business hours.


With so many services and customizable options, a BT bill can get complicated. Customers with questions about their bill, or who think they may have been over-charged can peruse the helpful information about the billing process online, or contact the appropriate help line – internet/phone or TV.

Technical Support

Support for all BT services can be found online. Helpful content on the website walks customers through common problems, and the company also maintains a forum where users compare notes and solutions to problems. They are also easy to reach through email, live chat services and by calling the contact number for the product which is causing problems or the general technical support number.


The BT website allows for convenient reporting of faults and makes it easy to check for known faults in the user’s area. It is also convenient to track progress on a reported fault by simply entering the phone number that is affected in the online fault tracker. If this option isn’t working, users can call the appropriate phone service contact number.