BT Business – 0843 487 1831

bt tower at nightBT business is a leading provider of communication needs to customers in the UK. The company provides networking and communication, fibre, business broadband and phone services to all businesses regardless of their size. The company’s vision is to help its customers attain the most out of the existing technological advances, and the BT customer services number assists with this.

Broadband and phone line packages

BT Business is popularly known for providing this service effectively. The packages offered under this service include:

• Basic broadband (Value line and capped calls)
• Basic broadband (Phone line and calls)
• Unlimited broadband (Phone line and calls)
• BT Infinity for business (Phone line and calls)

Regardless of the differences in pricing and strength of the different packages, they share some common features. The company allows its customers to enjoy FREE 500 UK minutes, a phone line, unlimited Wi-fi and free technical support. The BT Infinity package for businesses provides customers with an opportunity to enjoy super-fast speeds regardless of how busy the network might be.

BT Business Broadband

These services are provided at different prices depending on where the customer is. The different rates charged are an initiative to cater for the unbalanced wiring of the different parts of the country. Areas with a high coverage of wholesale broadband from competing providers enjoy the lowest price from BT Business. For the broadband network to function appropriately, the customer is required to have a router.

BTnet Leased Line

A BTnet Leased Line is a requirement for customers experiencing critical Internet access. It consists of a resilient and tough internet connection that guarantees the user high download and uploads speeds. With this package, BT Business has made it possible for customers to enjoy unlimited data at all times of the day. The package operates under an always on connection that allows businesses to enjoy online support at any time of the day. Businesses are supplied with leased lines that are protected against network crashing.

BT Business phone lines

Phone line options provided by BT Business to its customers include Value, Standard, Critical and Featureline. Value and Critical are new services and are only available online. Customers are not allowed to change their current phone line for the two online services. Featureline phone lines are ideal for use by growing businesses. The lines are integrated with calling features such as 3-way calling, Call diversion and call waiting among others.

BT Business has an elaborate customer care support department that allows customers to raise their concerns and compliments. Customers are allowed to phone-in direct or sent E-mails regarding connectivity and general issues. Packages from BT Business will cut down your communication costs.